Klaviyo is a marketing automation platform. You can send events from Klaviyo to Predictable, and also route scoring data from Predictable back into Klaviyo for use in your campaigns.

Predictable will import key customer activities (aka “metrics”) from Klaviyo, including email events (clicks, sends, unsubscribes), and also transaction and purchase events. We can import both events and profiles, and likewise our scores can be ingested into your Klaviyo account as event or profile data, if you have a preference (they will be profile by default).

Klaviyo Metrics

Exporting from Klaviyo

To export events from Klaviyo, Predictable provides a custom exporting service that queries Klaviyo’s APIs and uses the data for model training.

Importing from Predictable

To import Predictable scores into your Klaviyo account, Predictable provides an importing integration that uses Klaviyo’s SFTP import tool. Predictable scores will be uploaded to Klaviyo’s SFTP server and ingested into your account from there. You’ll be able to see Predictable scores appear on user profiles: Klaviyo User Profile with Predictable Data

Then, of course, you will be able to build segments based on these fields: Klaviyo Segmented on Propensity Score