S3 can be integrated with Predictable as either a Source or Destination.


To leverage Predictable’s S3 integration, the following details are required:

  • Key pair with permissions to access data
  • Actable needs an AWS Access Key ID and Secret Access Key pair.

Predictable needs these to permit our systems to act as a user in the AWS environment containing the S3 bucket. The ACL on the bucket/policy assigned to the user must permit the following:

  • s3:GetBucketLocation
  • s3:GetObject
  • s3:ListBucket

If data will also be returned to this bucket, the ACL should also include:

  • s3:PutObject
  • s3:PutObjectAcl

URIs of source data

For each of the following sources, Actable requires a URI where data can be accessed. The data must be in newline-delimited JSON format. A single wildcard value is permitted per URI, meaning that data for a given source can be found in multiple files.

  • email
  • transaction
  • other_engagement
  • known_customer


| SOURCE | URI| |:——:|:–:| | email | s3://bucket_name/email.json | | transaction | s3://bucket_name/transaction.json | | other_engagement | s3://bucket_name/other_engage.json | | known_customer | s3://bucket_name/known.json |

Output Schema

For each model run, a csv file is returned in a directory s3://<bucket_id>/results/<model_type>_results/partition_*_*_score.csv.