Segment is a streaming data CDP which can route events to Predictable. When your organization configures Predictable as a Segment destination, Predictable stores the events it receives from Segment to materialize a view of your customers that it uses for predictions. These predictions can then be fed back into Segment as Source, enabling marketers to use predictive scores in other Segment Destinations.


To get started with Segment, follow the instructions in the Segment Documentation to find the “Actable Predictive” Destination. The destination contains four possible actions. Three of those actions are tied to event types that Predictable uses for predictions. The extent to which your organization has fully adopted Segment’s Spec will determine whether or not to use them. In cases where events do not match the Spec, use the Send Custom Event action.

Contact your Predictable representative to learn more about how to configure the Segment Destination.

Mapping Events

Segment Mapping Options

Transaction Event

The Transaction Event follows the v2 E-Commerce Spec.

Segment Track Event

Segment Track Event Mapping

Custom Event

For events that do not match Segment Spec create a Custom Event. The example shown is a Track Event but does not follow the v2 E-Commerce Spec.

Segment Custom Event

Use the Object to define your event’s custom properties. Segment Custom Event Mapping

Web Activity Event

The Send Web Activity Event actions mapping should be configured to collect page views via the Segment Page Event, but any Web event type is valid here. Other examples include: login/log out events, image interactions, etc.

Segment Web Event

Segment Web Event Mapping

Email Events

As the various Email Events come in, differing weight and value is given to each type of email event. A Click Event is evidence of engagement while an Unsubscribe Event is the opposite. Use the Event Indicators to denote which type of event is being processed.


Segment Email - Unsubscribe

Segment Email - Unsubscribe Mapping


Segment Email - Click

Segment Email - Click Mapping